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Throughout my time on Newgrounds, I have rarely seen such a great quality film produced.

I read through your comment and was quite stunned. I cant believe after a year of creating this it was destroyed by some bloody idiot with a virus. I was even more stunned to here that you decided to recreate it from scratch. I would have been so pissed off that I would have never gone near flash again. Congratulations on even that!


What is there to say about your graphics, They are just........perfect. I love the bits where he sings along while fighting for the girl. Some people are saying that it a rip off of South Park, But lets face it your graphics were way better and you did it all with a MOUSE!


You have a style that I could only dream of having. You have such talent that I know you will go further than what you already have now!


Well, I am not a huge fan of the song in the movie but it fitted the movie perfectly. I mean there is no greater song for such a film than what you based it on. The animation ran perfectly with it and I congratulate you on that. Great choice.


The characters get pretty violent during the film and it really adds to the GREATNESS of this film. The effects you created to show violence were top notch and even the dumbest of person could understand what was going on. You really paint a picture and have a great way of getting the viewer involved with the story.


I have always wanted to add some interactive bits into my films but have really never got around to doing it. You made this happen for me and I am glad you did. Although I didnt find any of the secret items I am sure that you got many viewers to watch that film over and over and over just to do so. That is a great thing to achieve.


Its so rare to find a flash movie that have a bit of everything but you managed it and you managed it well. I got a few good laughs out of your movie, not just out of the comedic value of it but also out of the realness to it. It is a very accurate movie and has the ability to be real as well. I know many people who have had similar expieriances with female/male persons and for you to highlight these situations was just great!

Overall, thankyou for creating such a marvelous peice of animation, I hope that you create an even greater animation (if thats possible) in the near future. And that if you do it doesnt get deleted in a virus accident :-)


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Not bad!

The long awaited movie has finally come out!


Not bad for a clock movie. It contained some fairly neat graphics with some nice looking shadow.


I would love to call it original but....well... its a clock movie. Been done hundreds of times before. :-)

Your "Clocks" still looked quite good and I was very impressed by it.


I have mixed feelings about your sound. I enjoyed the music which fit the movie perfectly. One thing I do not like about ALL clock movies is the speaktonia sounds. Not my thing! Do not enjoy the sounds of that voice nor do I find jokes as funny coming through in that tone.

The comedic part of this movie was overall fairly good. I think the script you came up with was fairly well thought out and somewhat good humour.

One problem I have with the sound is that even thought it was funny, It was hard at times to here what they were saying. I know that isnt your fault but is loses some points with me.


It wasnt so much 'violent' as it was silly. I guess the only real violence I could see was not Physical, more Verbal. Still, I am a big fan of verbal violence. YOU LITTLE PRICK! :-P


I hope you dont expect me to explain why that got a zero!


^ Read sound part ^


A seven is a fairly high overall score to recieve from me. I never given out a 10's anymore. I know I did when I first joined but you know, We have all done stupid things when we first join.

Congratulations on making a great movie!


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PenguinLink responds:

Thanks for the review, Sterockicy! I'm glad that at the very least you enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for the constructive criticism and for the nice comments. Thanks for the review! :)


I definately find it a good animation but im not really sure if i like the type of characters you create. the movie is great with nice panning and camera movement and the story was good. To tell you the truth though, im not the biggest fan of the cats.

Nice movie though!



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great game!!

Hey benny boy.

Nice game, I can see you put a lot of effort into making this game and it has really paid off. Good stuff and hope your win the contest!!!

Good but.....

I found the graphics on this game absolutely magnificent. How you made the effects you did amazes me.

One problem I had with this game was that I still have no idea how to play it. You read the instructions and it sounds simple but once you start playing its hard to tell if your doing well or bad.

Another problem I found was that the excellent looking graphics had a downside. There is too much moving around the screen to concentrate on the actual game side of it and most of the times it is hard to see where the opponent is during attacks.

Ways to improve:

Less graphical effects.
More zoom on the characters.
Easier game play.

Everything else about the game was great!

Good work!


So damn addictive!

Ive played and showed so many people this game over and over again. Its soo damn addictive, fun and simple! The idea of flinging cats for fun and having them land is so original and not as "cruel" to animals as it could be with animals. Love it!

Great work!


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Man that was truly great. I mean, I loved the first one but this one is just......WOW!

I loved what you have made this song into. It started off as a great base song and then with the finished version you have created a piece of art.

The piano was the main addition to this song compared to the unfinished version. It sounded great and you made it really fit in to the song.

Other added sound effects finished it off well and I was really impressed to here them.

All of the problems I found in the previous version are now all gone and I am very happy with that and I am sure you are happy with your final product too.

Congratulations HiniberusDelius (man thats a tongue twister) on created a great song!

Keep up the good work!


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HiniberusDelius responds:

Thanks a lot, I shall keep you updated (as usual) for when 'Degraded soul' shall appear.

Best regards.


Sounds great!

Wow, I was amazed to here how cool that sounded. That was fantasic.

That seriously could be put into a video game its so good.

Great beat, Great tune, Great sounds. Just WOW!

There is nothing to improve upon in my opinion although if you can for future songs, DO!

Thankyou for blessing me with such a great song!


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Not bad!

At first I was like "Wow, That sounds great!" The sound was great mixed with the drumming.

After a few seconds I realised it wasnt going to change. I was slightly dissappointed.

None the less, It still was very original and sounds good.

Something I noticed that I think you should improve on in your next song is the rythem. At times it sounded like it was slightly off beat. It was only slightly noticable but still.

Good work,

I hope your next song is even better!


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HiniberusDelius responds:

Alright, the final version of it is soon to be done(Finally) I'll pm ya to update you when it's released.

Thanks and best regards.


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