A new news post!

2008-02-01 20:22:35 by Sterockicy

I've decided that I actually want to see people's comments from now on so I am making a news post. If you have anything you wanna ask or comment about, STUFF THE BBS, just ask me!

Ask me anything at all and I will answer!


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2008-02-01 20:23:54

How much liquor does it take to get drunk??

Sterockicy responds:

It depends on how much of a pussy you are.

Major pussy - 1.5 standard drinks
Big wimp - 2 standard drinks
Fake drunk - 4 standard drinks
Average dude - 7 standard drinks
Fat ass - 12 standard drinks
Hardcore drinker - 15 standard drinks
7 foot 5, 200 kgs - 22 standard drinks
God himself - 43 standard drinks


2008-02-01 20:44:16

Do you like rock music?


2008-02-01 21:49:35

????? what is wrong with your grammar


2008-02-07 15:21:55

Why do I rock so hard?