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2007-12-05 17:01:30 by Sterockicy

Thanks to everyone who has helped me reach this awesome number. It made my job a lot easier. I don't plan on stopping just yet, I have found a way to post comments a lot quicker now that the comments don't show up (unless I clear the cache, every second). So I do plan on making it to at least 1,111 or maybe even 2,000 sometime. We will see.



2007-11-30 01:33:26 by Sterockicy

<<<<< That's me! I guess that makes me a picture whore doesn't it?

Just 8 days left of school! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

2007-11-17 21:18:06 by Sterockicy

There are just 8 days left of school for me this year. In 8 school days time I will begin my long 8 week holidays. It's going to be real hard to deal with such long holidays, it really is.

School finishes: 29th November, 2007
School begins: February 1st, 2008

It will give me more time on NG, as well as more time to get my game finished. Speaking of which, here is another screen shot for you. This is from the "Self Employment" job section and is just one of many screens for the job section.

Just 8 days left of school! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Here's what you do.

I say a word, your reply with a new word, and so on. Lets try to make a cool sentence or two out of it.

A quick screenie

2007-11-05 01:27:29 by Sterockicy

Here is just a quick screen shot of the general map in my new game. Its very sketchy (and I suck at drawing) at the moment and the house in the middle isn't there (because you can buy new houses in the game) but you get the general idea. Its basically just the screen you navigate with. In other words, you don't actually click on each individual shop, you click on one of the five section and it takes you to a screen with a list of your options. Well there you go, further updates and screenies to come!

Also, sorry about the bad screen shot, the pic was scaled down and I had to adjust the quality due to file size.

A quick screenie

I'm a girl on NG

2007-10-26 04:44:29 by Sterockicy

Just kidding, but I got your attention didnt I!

Now leave a message!


2007-10-17 05:55:00 by Sterockicy

Your in my profile, Leave a message telling me why and how this happened?


How many Aussie's are online.....NOW?

2007-10-16 04:48:01 by Sterockicy

If your an Aussie, or you wish to pretend to be one so you don't feel left out,

REPLY NOW!!!!!!!

Are you an awesome NG'er?

2007-10-02 02:47:48 by Sterockicy

Leave a message to find out!

Yah, I did it!

2007-09-25 00:18:38 by Sterockicy

I just passed 15,000 b/p points!